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August 15th, 2005

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09:48 pm - Intro Post...
Name tckma
Age/DOB 26 (11/1978)
IM screen name(s) see my user info
What you look for erm... right now I'm just looking for people to be friends with -- I'm just out of a long-term relationship and I need some time before I jump into another one.
Describe yourself Just slightly insane.
Location "Here" (see my user info)
Hobbies putzing around on LJ, road trips, skiing, making and listening to music, geeky stuff
Why you joined Because I'm newly single, I moved "Here" in October, I'm done with the long-distance thing for good, and Worcester is 15 minutes from "Here." Craig's List and the likes seem to be yielding tons of Boston folks.
Where did you hear about us LJ interest search for "Worcester." No idea it was called "Worm town."
Favorite place to hang out Get back to me in a year or so when I actually can tell the difference between Shrewsbury Street and Gold Star Boulevard without looking at a map.

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