Lizzie Girl (lizzielizzie) wrote in wormtownsingles,
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Name: Liz
Age: 32
SN: That would be telling....
What you look for: Life. Humor. Romance. Smarts. Adorable quirks. Giggles. Stability. Reality. Communication.
Describe yourself: Silly. Loyal. Flirtatious. Romantic. Steadfast. Talkative. Retail shop owner. Cat lover.
Location: For now, Acton. Moving soon.
Hobbies: Beads and beading. Jewelry making. Cards, bowling, pool, pinball, SKEEBALL! 80's movies. Walks around the neighborhood. Shopping. Did I mention beads and beading?
Why you joined: zonereyrie told me to. :-)
Where did you hear about us: from zonereyrie
Favorite place to hang out: At home.
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